African Lens is a visual collective from African photographers both in the motherland and the diaspora.The project aims at showcasing and sharing Africa as we know it using photography thus, an open window into the world of Africans via the lens of African Photographers.

The photographers featured are:

TJ Letsa

Fundiswa Ntoyi

Zakaria Wakrim

Dayo Adeoti 

Chelsea Boatey

Philip Raheem

Andile Buka

David Uzochukwu

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In His Eyes

Legon Botanical Garden
Accra, Ghana

Photo Credit: TJ Letsa

I met Chelsea Boatey in the summer of 2012 on the streets of NYC. Just like me, she was a Ghanaian living outside. She models, she photographs, she writes. We shared a lot of common interests as creatives finding our space and telling our unique stories. Her talents spread far across.
Chelsea has been a great source of encouragement to my development as a photographer. On her visit to Accra this year, we got together after two years to make portraits once more.

These portraits have been featured on Dr Yaba Blay’s on website which is an ongoing visual tribute to Brown skin. A visionary testament to black beauty, a vision board for healing.


Meet Your Photographer, a short series that will be introducing you to the contributing photographers of yagazieemezi.com over the next couple of weeks. You will be seeing their work on here fairly often so this is an excellent way for you to get familiar with these talented folks. 

My name is Tj Letsa and I’m a 25 year old photographer from Accra, Ghana. I picked up photography from a friend who showed me the basics of the art and I really enjoyed it. At first, I wanted to start a menswear blog, figuring that my sense of style would be an advantage. This was during the time when the menswear blog craze had hit the internet and I like many, wanted to bring this wave into Accra, Ghana.

"I have always had a creative side. Picking up a camera just helped me to express it more. I’m on a journey with my creative self to portray my heart. I believe in the art of photography and not the science of it.  Photography should be a tool for which people would use to document the most memorable periods and stories and relive it by looking at each photo. African Brands should also use photography as a powerful reminder of their corporate entity and tell their own stories."

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Great shot of Maame Adjei. I was just on set with her in Accra for her new web series An African City. Beautiful girl. You capture her well!

Thank you. I’m glad I can show you and others her personality through a photograph. She is indeed a vibrant being also and it’s always a pleasure working with such subjects. #makeportraits

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